Maximo Scheduler Plus

Maximo Scheduler Plus is an add-on product for backlog management, which includes automated resource leveling and drag and drop planning and assignment capabilities.  Maximo Scheduler includes graphical interfaces and Gantt chart views which allow for batch updates of work orders, project and cost management, and route mapping using Esri mapping services for crew and emergency response management. 

Maximo Scheduler Plus was released in the Fall of 2016 – so it is not new – but if it is new to you, here is a quick guide to what it is:

5 applications that provide a toolkit approach to schedule and dispatching:

Maximo Scheduler Plus
  • Maximo Graphical Scheduling – a "MS-Project" like scheduling tool
  • Maximo Graphical Assignment Manager - a drag/drop resource assignment/dispatch tool
  • Maximo Graphical Assignment Repair Facilities – resource assignment based on repair locations
  • Maximo Graphical Crew Management – a drag/drop tool to manage crew resources including both labor and equipment
  • Maximo Appointment Scheduling – setting up and managing appointment windows for customers.

4 Optimization Models to automate long and short term work

  • Resource Leveling – spreading work to accommodate resource restrictions
  • Capacity Planning  - spreading work within a time constraint – and providing resource gap information
  • Labor and Crew Assignment – automatically matching individual resource labor or crew labor to work based on variables that the scheduler chooses (priority, skill levels, etc.)
  • Spatial (Mapping) Assignment – automatically matching individual resource labor or crew labor to work in a location based on service address and variables that the scheduler chooses (priority, skill levels, etc.)

Large Project/Work Management Tools

Maximo Scheduler Plus
  • PM Forecasting – forecasting schedule, cost and labor requirements based on PM plan (without generating the work order).
  • Schedule Compliance Tracking – monitoring planned vs actual work and labor hours, and understanding break in/break out work impacts.
  • Cost and Resource Forecasting – forecasting of estimated, committed and actual cost and resources
  • Weather Alerts – real time weather data to facilitate accurate and safe planning of work.
  • Critical Path Methodology - adjusts scheduling dates by factoring in precedence relationships, calendar information, specified start dates, and other factors.

In short, Scheduler Plus provides a tool chest of scheduling and dispatching tools that fit a variety of scheduling needs across your company.  

If all of that sounds awesome – but you are already have scheduling software that you are currently using – consider this:  Maximo Scheduler Plus is already part of the Maximo that you are using today (you don’t see it because it requires a license key).  And there is no ‘integrations’ to manage – and because of that, your planners and workers have visibility to work statuses and changes as they happen.   Scheduler Plus changes your organization from being reactive to being proactive

If you’d like to understand more about Scheduler Plus and how it can help your company, call or email us.  We can set up a demonstration and discuss your specific needs.