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Is your Maximo GIS ready for 7.6?

When it comes to Maximo Spatial 7.6, there are two things you need and two things you should be aware of...

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Maximo Spatial Overview Webinar

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Join top-ranked Maximo Solutions Director, Melissa Ekmark, as she highlights how Maximo 7.6 and Spatial enhance the user experience, including tips, tricks, and interactive demos.

  • Maximo Spatial Overview
  • Spatial Enabled Applications in Maximo
  • Real World Mapping Scenarios
  • What’s New in Maximo Spatial 7.6

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Maximo Software Webinar Series

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Last Day at MaximoWorld

The Starboard team is thoroughly enjoying MaximoWorld and the amazing knowledge-sharing throughout the Maximo community...

and also the fun...

Are you headed to MaximoWorld? Let's meet!

The Starboard team is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at MaximoWorld 2018, August 7-9 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.

Regardless of where you are on your asset management journey, we love that this conference provides new ideas and approaches that you can take back to work and use immediately.

Visit the Starboard team at Booth # 309

→Make an appointment with one of our certified Maximo professionals. Click here to request a day and time. Let us know any specific areas of interest or questions.

Maximo Spatial - 7.6 Administrative improvements

In part 2 of our Maximo Spatial series, we explore the improvements in the user experience - with the primary focus on administration of the Spatial configuration.

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Press Release: Starboard Consulting Launches StarMax

Longwood, FL (June 12, 2018) – Starboard Consulting (Starboard), a leading asset management consultancy, launches their new Maximo-based solution, StarMax, at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE) June 12-14 in Las Vegas, NV.

StarMax is a turnkey solution built on the market leading software, IBM Maximo®; with the data, ISO-based standards, configurations, interfaces, and mobility needed for a water, wastewater, storm, or reclaimed water Utility.

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Maximo Spatial - Part 1

Effective April 30, 2018 IBM has closed the door on support of 7.5x and all its components, including Maximo Spatial 7.5. Quite a few things have changed for the better with Spatial 7.6, but we all know that information is key to managing any kind of change. Your Starboard Spatial experts are bringing together everything you need to know in a series of blog posts and webinars. For the changes in Spatial, we’re going to cover 5 points that we think represent what you need to know when moving to Maximo Spatial 7.6.

  1. How Esri and Maximo Communicate
  2. 7.6 user experience improvements
  3. Getting your GIS ready for Spatial
  4. How Spatial extends to IBM Mobile
  5. Tips and Tricks

The 5 points are going to be broken into a few blog posts and then recapped with a live webinar, so you can ask us any questions you have in real time! Without further ado…

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Spatial 7.6 at CoServ

Starboard is very excited that one of our Maximo Spatial clients, CoServ Electric, was selected by Esri for a Case Study on the use of ArcGIS Online. Jenn Camp, CoServ’s Project Manager for the implementation of Maximo Spatial will be presenting at the Spring MUWG. If you’re attending MUWG and getting ready to move to Maximo Spatial 7.6.x, be sure to check out her presentation tomorrow (Tuesday 9:30am) and feel free to contact Starboard Consulting if you have any questions. Also, be on the look-out for upcoming blog posts and webinars with tips and tricks on Spatial 7.6.

See the CoServ Case Study Video here.

Come See Us at MUWG

We'll see you in Houston at the 2018 Spring MUWG Conference April 17 & 18.

The theme this year is "Walk... Run... Innovate: Maximo Basics to Breakthrough Technology".

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Why Upgrade to Maximo 7.6?

Choose Starboard to help you navigate the Maximo 7.6 upgrade waters!

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Designing Your Maximo Screens

One of the things Maximo has done over the years has been to develop more user-friendly design tools that make it easier and faster to add and modify fields, sections, tables, and tabs as well as create all new Maximo applications. But there are a few basic design guidelines to keep in mind before you begin.

Designing Your Maximo Screens
Figure 1: The tools you use to design your screen changes is not nearly as important as the design itself.

Users don't like surprises! Maximo screens are generally designed to ease the user through a series of screens, fields and functionality, making their interaction with the software as painless and fast as possible while still encouraging them to provide critical information.

  • Stick with the standards: The typical Maximo screen is soft hues and rather boring when compared to the flashy glitz we see on many websites. But you'll catch your users off-guard and distract them from their purpose by adding bright colors and design elements. Let's face it, most users just want to get in and get out. They aren't looking for 'fun' when they're in business systems.
  • Spelling is crucial: This sounds obvious but it's easy to make mistakes and Maximo doesn't have spell check in design tools. A user's eye picks up mistakes and then the brain tends to obsess on them, slowing down the work process.
  • Minimize 'white space' (the unused space around objects or groups of objects). Maximo won't let you put things too close together, but evening things out so that there aren't large gaps in your screen will make it easier to work in the application.
  • Provide instructions on the screen and in help menus.

Some tweaking to the screens for different user groups can make their experience almost effortless. Consider the different groups of users who work in the Work Order Tracking application. That application is HUGE and very complex but not everyone, and in fact most users won’t use most of what’s available.

  • Lay out the screen so that the most important information appears first.
  • Consider creating separate applications that meet the needs of the different groups. For instance, people whose primary role is to get the work done and record what they did could better use a few simple screens.
  • Use checkboxes and value lists whenever possible.
  • Consider the size of the screen the most likely used. Generally, users don't like to scroll a lot, but they'd rather scroll up and down than side to side.

Written by: Shirley Harlan, Starboard Consulting Functional Lead

Gartner has again recognized IBM Maximo as a leader in The Magic Quadrant for EAM Software

Gartner has again recognized IBM as a leader in The Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Asset Management Software.

Starboard Expert Authors Institute of Asset Management Article

Donna Grant recently had her article Why should my CFO care about Asset Management? in the Institute of Asset Management’s newsletter. The Institute for Asset Management is the professional body for those involved in acquisition, operation and care of physical assets, especially critical infrastructure – and particularly for professionals worldwide dedicated to furthering our knowledge and understanding of Asset Management.

Starboard Introduces Maximo Road Show to Aid Maximo Clients

Starboard Consulting is offering a Continuing Education Program that will help you improve your organization’s internal processes and find the true power behind a system like Maximo. Starboard will tailor the program to specifically cover those topics that are important to you. The benefits to you:

  • No travel – we come to you
  • No limit on attendees
  • No out-of-pocket expenses

For more information, or to sign up, see this page.

MAXIMIZING ASSET MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights Eliminates Downtime and Reduces Costs

By dhughes

Most of the time, assets fail randomly. Very few failures follow an age-degradation pattern and many are not prevented with traditional time-based PM strategies. The best way to maintain assets is based on their relative health. Usage data or gauge values can provide part of the picture, but insight on past maintenance occurrences, weather incidents, the age of the asset and historical investment enhance the “sensed conditions” with real insight.

Find out how IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights can offer a solution: Starboard-Consulting/ibm-maximo-asset-health-insights.pdf

Does your team have a winning game plan?

By dhughes

No matter what quarter you are in, having a game plan is important and managing the plan and budget can be challenging. When it comes to your Maximo project, Starboard brings value to your project through innovative solutions, client centered services, and our commitment to quality.

Doing business with Starboard is easy. We are registered in the U.S. Federal Government’s System for Award Management (SAM) as a Small Business and a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB). We are also registered in the State of Florida, State of New York, and City of Los Angeles as a Women Business Entity (WBE) in addition to being on the Florida State IT Consulting Contract.

Contact us today to obtain great pricing on Maximo Licenses, Support Contracts, and Maximo Consulting Services. We are here to help.

IBM Maximo Scheduler Plus Offers New Features

The recently released Maximo Scheduler Plus is an optional add-on solution that extends the current Scheduler functionality. It's new features include:

Appointment Booking

  • Make customer appointments within a schedule window
  • Cancel/reschedule customer notifications

Dynamic Dispatching

  • Auto-refresh, re-optimization based on real-time progress
  • Incorporate real-time traffic conditions

Weather Integration

  • Incorporate weather data into planning/scheduling and dispatching
  • Weather alerts and notifications

Managing Large Projects

  • Model complex work order network dependencies
  • Highlight critical path, backward pass, % complete

For more information contact Starboard or click

Starboard Publishes New You Tube Video

Starboard Consulting recently published a new "whiteboard" video on You Tube to enhance its outbound marketing efforts. The video can be seen at:

Maximo Solutions to Aid Operators Presented at Maximo User Group Summit

By dhughes

At the recent Maximo User Group Summit in Cincinnati, Starboard Consulting presented two Maximo Solutions to aid Operators in asset-intensive industries.

The Rounds Application facilitates capturing rounds and readings throughout a service area or plant and has several time- and work-saving features including:

  • Streamlined data entry
  • Support for reliability centered maintenance initiatives
  • Works in both Maximo and Maximo Everyplace
  • Is map enabled through the integration of Maximo Spatial and ESRI GIS
  • Easily adaptable and upgradeable as new versions of Maximo are released.

The Operator Log helps to optimize critical performance and prioritize safety and compliance while quickly and easily allowing operators to enter information. A few of the features offered by Starboard’s Operator Log application are:

  • Can replace virtually any log that occurs in an organization

o Operator Log

o Security Log

o Visitor Log

o Event Log

o Safety Log

  • Can run on a desktop or tablet or other mobile device.
  • Tracks activities on any log schedule – Daily, Weekly, monthly, etc.
  • The power of using Maximo for this application is the embedded record linking that offers a 360-degree view of the event or activity logged.

IBM Maximo Asset Management New Version 7.6 Now Available

By dhughes

IBM has announced the launch of latest edition of Maximo Asset Management. The IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.6 product family provides comprehensive asset lifecycle management and maintenance management functionality that helps organizations improve asset life and lower cost of ownership.

IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.6 offers a new user experience, advanced analytical insights through IBM Cognos workspaces, an option to run a multi-tenant environment, and mobile device access.

The new version lets businesses across a variety of industries perform work and asset maintenance activities from a single instance in an effort to help:

  • Lower administrative costs
  • Support the implementation of best practices throughout the organization
  • Support multiple asset classes, including production, facilities, fleet, and communications

For additional information visit

New Research Report on Asset Management Practices, Investments and Challenges

By dhughes released its research report titled “Asset Management Practices, Investments and Challenges 2014-2019”.

This report describes cooperative efforts of over 1,000 study participants to predict and guide the future of asset management practices, investments and challenges in relation to the recent ISO 55000 Asset Management compliance program. Follow the link below to access the report:

Asset Management Practices, Investments and Challenges

IBM Maximo Leads Again with Respected Industry Analysts

By dhughes

Technology industry leaders ARC and Gartner recently announced that IBM Maximo is the undisputed industry leader in Enterprise Asset Management.


Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure. Their coverage of technology and trends extends from business systems to product and asset lifecycle management, supply chain management, operations management, energy optimization, industrial internet of things (IoT) and automation systems.

Highlights from this years’ Annual Enterprise Asset Management Market Research Study:

  • IBM Maximo has the leading overall market share in the 2013 Global Study
  • IBM Maximo is the leader in Software Revenues
  • IBM Maximo has been the market leader in the last seven ARC Global Studies published
  • IBM held 1st or 2nd position in the last 7 years in the following segments: EAM for Electric Power, Facilities, Government, Transportation, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Water & Wastewater, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Financial, Education, Refining, Machinery, Linear Assets, Production Equipment, Complex Asset MRO, Fleet


Founded in 1979, Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. They deliver the technology-related insight necessary to make the right decisions, every day.

Gartner has again recognized IBM as a leader in The Magic Quadrant for Energy and Utilities Enterprise Asset Management Software.

  • Magic Quadrant for Energy and Utilities Enterprise Asset Management Software /G00263205

IBM Maximo Inventory Insights Saves Users Money

By Jean

IBM’s Maximo Inventory Insights helps users reduces excess inventory and ensures parts are availability for mission-critical assets. It combines the ease-of-use of SaaS, the simplicity of a built-in analytics model, and the technological sophistication of predictive technology to automatically optimize inventory across multiple geographies, sites, and storerooms. Watch an introductory video here:

Free Access to IBM Service Engage SaaS Information and Demo

By dhughes

IBM Maximo is now available to everybody in a Software as a Service (SaaS) configuration. To help you decide which Maximo implementation path is right for you, Starboard Consulting is providing a direct link to IBM’s Service Engage site. Follow the link below and investigate the possibilities!

IBM Offers New App for IBM Redbook Publications

By dhughes

For nearly 50 years, IBM Redbooks publications have provided trusted product positioning, expert guidance, and installation and implementation experiences. From classic books and papers to new Solution Guides and Product Guides, Point-of-View publications, blogs, and videos, IBM provides what you need, when and where you need it. And now you can access all of this content in one mobile app on your iOS or Android devices.

Follow the link below to find out how:

Several Maximo Industry Events on Starboard Consulting’s Schedule

By dhughes

Starboard Consulting will be participating and sponsoring various events at the following Maximo industry conferences in early 2014:

Please feel free to contact Donna if you would like to meet with Starboard while at these events.

Starboard Showcases Innovative Maximo Solutions at 2014 IBM Pulse

By dhughes

Starboard Consulting will present some of its latest innovative Maximo solutions at the 2014 IBM Pulse event from February 23-26 in Las Vegas. Please visit us at booth E122 to learn more about them.

Starboard Consulting Sponsors Local Arthritis Foundation Event to Benefit Kids

By dhughes

Arthritis affects 300,000 children under the age of 18

IBM Maximo Consultant, Starboard Consulting, is helping sponsor the 6th Annual Fruitcakes in the Alley Bowling Tournament on January 24 – 26, 2014. This fun event will be held near the Starboard corporate offices at the AMF Altamonte Lanes on Douglas Avenue in Altamonte Springs, FL, where Starboard just recently hosted a corporate team building event. Starboard joins the Parrot Heads of Central Florida, a local non-profit and the event organizer, and other local business in support of the Arthritis Foundation. The 3-day event includes live bands and a DJ, meals, a cool event T-shirt, goodie bag, and chances to win raffle and auction items. Details – Fruitcakes in the Alley

Starboard’s sponsorship helps the Arthritis Foundation fund vital arthritis research & education programs. The Arthritis Foundation’s mission is to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases.

Maximo GIS Maps Increase Crew Efficiency

By dhughes

Starboard’s resident Maximo/GIS expert, Gary Cooper, recently presented some real benefits of Maximo GIS maps integration at the Maximo Utility Working Group Fall 2013 Workshop in Knoxville, Tennessee. Gary’s Maximo Spatial presentation, entitled Why Do I Need a Map, filled the room. A link to the presentation is provided below.

Why Do I Need a Map?

IBM Maximo Consultant Expertise Featured in i360GOV Webcast

By dhughes

Karen Buck, IBM Maximo Consultant and Starboard Consulting's Executive Director, will be a featured presenter on Implementing Enterprise Asset Management to Achieve Smarter Municipal and State Governments. This i360 GOV webcast will be on Thursday, November 21st, 2013 at 2:00pm ET.

Click here for Webcast Information.

i360Gov is an intelligent network of websites and e-newsletters that provides government business, policy and technology leaders with a single destination for the most important news and analysis regarding their agency strategies and initiatives.

IBM Maximo Ranked #1 for Seventh Year Consecutive Year

By dhughes

ARC Advisory Group recently released their annual Enterprise Asset Management and Field Service Management Global Market Research Study and for the 7th year IBM Maximo is #1 in overall market share for software and services. For more details on this click here: IBM Maximo Ranked #1 for Seventh Year Consecutive Year

Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure. ARC’s coverage of technology and trends extends from business systems to product and asset lifecycle management, supply chain management, operations management, energy optimization, and automation systems.

Starboard Consulting Offers Expanded Maximo Training Options

By dhughes

Starboard has expanded their multimedia Maximo training methodology based on the tactical and strategic needs of implementing Maximo that is easily adaptable to meet or exceed specific client needs. This methodology includes using the following media that support recognized standards of training delivery:

  • Interactive Online Learning (IOL) in Shareable Content Object Model (SCORM) compliant formats
  • Recorded Task Demos (RTDs) recorded and delivered via client web services or YouTube Channels
  • Instructor-Led Online Learning (ILOL) using web delivery tools such as WebEx
  • Instructor-Led Classroom Learning (ILCL)
  • One-on-One Coaching (OC)
  • Cheat Sheets (single task instruction delivered via hard-copy or printable from client web services).

Click the link below to view a sample video from our IOL offerings.

Maximo Upgrade Featured in MUWG Newsletter

By dhughes

Maximo Upgrade Successfully Completed. The Oglethorpe Power family of companies recently published a description of their Maximo 7.5 upgrade project in the August 2013 Maximo Utility Working Group (MUWG) newsletter. Starboard Consulting is proud to be Oglethorpe power’s Maximo partner in this significant effort. Click the link below to read about it.
MUWG OPC Summary

Starboard Delights Another Maximo User During Challenging Implementation

By dhughes

For a large city and county fire department, Starboard Consulting technical staffers recently completed a challenging Maximo material management implementation effort. This project experienced several shifting requirements, multiple user requests, and a dynamic work environment. The client is delighted and users will now start managing all parts, uniform, and safety equipment requests through Maximo using rotating assets and best practices in inventory management.

Starboard Wins More IBM Maximo Work in Nevada and Kansas

By dhughes

Starboard Consulting has won two substantial new contracts over the last several months:

  • IBM Maximo Systems Upgrade for a large water reclamation organization in Nevada
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System (IBM Maximo) Installation for a large municipal utility board in Kansas

Starboard Technical Team Fun Day Rewards Staff

By dhughes

Several members of Starboard Consulting's technical team recently spent a much-deserved "fun day" together developing the artistic side of their talents. After months of coding, deadlines, testing, and Go Lives, and generally delighting their clients, they spent a day at a local hands-on art studio to bond, have some fun, and relax.

Starboard Celebrates Anniversary with Record Growth in Sales and Staff

By dhughes

June 7 marks Starboard Consulting’s 6th anniversary as a premier provider of IBM Maximo software and services. Remarkably, in a prolonged economic downturn, Starboard has prospered increasing its staff 10 fold over the last six years, substantially growing its client base, as well as growing its annual revenues consistently.

Starboard Recognized by IBM as Number 1

By dhughes

IBM Recognition. Starboard Consulting was recently recognized by IBM as their No. 1 Maximo Business Partner for software sales in the commercial space for 2012.

Starboard Innovation & Performance Award for Karen Buck

By dhughes

Innovation and Performance Award – Karen A. Buck, Starboard Consulting, LLC

The U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce™ honors the growth and achievements of women-owned contractors that lay the foundation for greater success and opportunity for the future. Awards are given to leading women-owned small business contractors from all across America, federal agency leaders, prime contractors, key resource providers, and congressional leaders who work hard every day to keep the doors to opportunity open for women in business.

Starboard Certified for IBM Smarter Cities

By dhughes

IBM Certified. Starboard Consulting's Senior Project Manager, Amy Tatum, P.E., and System Architect and GIS Specialist, Gary Cooper, were recently certified as IBM Intelligent Operations Center Technical Professionals v1 in IBM's Smarter Cities Program.